Wednesday Doubles

TR Carpets Grimsby and District Snooker League

Doubles Report

Matches played 27th September 2023

Also a reminder from the singles page.
Can ALL trophy winners please return their trophies to Ray Edmonds Snooker Centre as soon as possible please.  We are aiming to avoid the last minute rushing about collecting and cleaning trophies from the previous year.  SO your help is appreciated.

Nats Comets picked up all six points away at Clee Bowls C this week.  Matty Lawton (with this weeks highest break of 64) and Liam Hulse opened the scoring for Nats with a 2-0, followed by Michael Dent and Adam Metcalf.  Finally Brad Burrell and Dave Bird got in on the act and picked up the final two for the whitewash.

Hainton B also had a slam at home to Birds Eye Codgers.  Sean Bartlett and Dave Tanner got the ball rolling for Hainton with a 2-0, following up were Andy McArthur and Tony Lamberton to make it 4-0.   Keith Atmore and Aaron Mchugh won the last two for Hainton to give them all six points.

Blossom Way got off to a flying start away at Cromwell winning the first four frames.  Brad Mowforth and Steve Walker won the opening two frames, with Phil Robinson and Lewis Fenwick making it 4-0 to Blossom Way.  Aidi Richardson and Phil Revell finally got a frame back for Cromwell, but Callum Adamson and Charlie Bolton won the last frame of the night to give Blossom Way a 5-1 win.

Clee Cons Sarges Army got off to an equally good start, away at Carr Lane, with George Rudkin and James Reynolds winning the opening two and Jack Rudkin and Dave Lamb making it 4-0 to Cons.  However, Mick Casey and Joe Goodfellow picked up the last two frames for Carr Lane, leaving Clee Cons with a 4-2 victory.

West End A got the opening frame away at Clee Cons A with Jon Steel and Rob Scott taking the first point.  Ian Webster and Craig Thomas levelled the match and Tom Keeley and Alan Goodhand then made it 2-1 in favour of the home side.  Albert Potterton and Ryan Brooke levelled the game for West End and, with the match in the balance, it took a 2-0 from Rick Gilliatt and Daz Stansfield to give West End A the 4-2 victory and keep them top of the table.

GY Self Storage got off to a 2-0 start away at West End B with Jon Leggett and Gaz Horsfall winning the opening frames.  Darren Roche and Liam Roche then levelled the match for West End taking the next two.  Richard Smith and Blake Munton then put GY Self Storage 3-2 up, but a final frame from Simon Allenby and Michael Hunter ensured both teams ended up with a share of the points.

Can I point out how important it is to fill in the scoresheets correctly.  We have one score the wrong way round when this report was originally published because the points were in the wrong columns.  Please make sure the frame scores, points and most importantly THE FINAL TOTALS are put into the correct boxes before signing.  And both captains check the scores before sending in.

Doubles Results

West End B3v3GY Self Storage
Clee Bowls C0v6Nats Comets
Cromwell B1v5Blossom Way
Hainton B6v0Birds Eye Codgers
ByevHealing Legion A
Carr Lane A2v4Clee Cons Sarges Army
Clee Cons A2v4West End A

Doubles Breaks

Matty Lawton64
Liam Hulse48
Rick Gilliatt47
Daz Stansfield36 32 21
Mick Casey33
Brad Burrell30 29
Phil Robinson29 23
James Reynolds29
Blake Munton28
Dwayne Ling25
Albert Potterton24
Dave Lamb23
Scott Templeman22 21
Michael Dent22
Aaron Mchugh21
Neil Russell21
Tony Lamberton20

Doubles Table

West End A330016
Nats Comets321014
Clee Cons A320113
GY Self Storage312011
Blossom Way220010
Hainton B311110
Carr Lane A310210
Clee Cons Sarges Army32018
Cromwell B30125
Birds Eye Codgers21014
West End B30123
Healing Legion A20022
Clee Bowls C30032