Monday Singles

TR Carpets Grimsby and District Snooker League

Singles Report


Premier Section

Last year’s top two met up again as Fardel hosted Cue World A.  As expected it was a close affair with only a third match 2-0 from Jamie Green separating the sides and giving Fardel a 5-3 win.
Scott Templeman put TR Carpets B 2-0 up away at Cromwell Rat Pack, but 2-0 wins from Sean Carlile and Brad Burrell put the home team well in the lead.  Dave Bass sealed a 5-3 win for the Rat Pack with a draw against Jamie Barrett.
Willows Seafoods won 5 of the opening 6 frames at home to Haslams Pluming, with a single from Jack Stinson, against Macca Dutton, and 2-0s from Stu Swinburn and Mick Rouse.  But five was all Willows could get with Shane Newbold winning the last two for Haslams.

Section A

Blossom Way Aces take over at the top of Section A with an 8-0 demolition at home to West End.  Phill Robinson, Andrew Fletcher, Brad Mowforth and Dave Bird all winning 2-0 on the night.
Hainton nearly managed to get a first slam at home to Carr Lane with Matt Patterson, Aaron Mchugh and Neil Russell all winning 2-0.  Tony Lamberton made it 7-0 to Hainton but a final frame from Mick Bird saved the whitewash.
After drawing the first two matches Rapide Frames were able to pick up a 6-2 win, away at Ray Edmonds S, with Martin Dowling and Bryn Cattell winning the final four frames.
Nats B also won 6-2 at home to Healing Legion.  After the first two games were drawn, 2-0 wins for Nick Woods and Wayne Webber sealed the victory for Nats.
a 2-0 from Dan Hargrave and a draw from 10 year old Ethan Hornigold, against Tom Keeley, gave Nats C a 3-1 lead away at Clee Cons C.  However, Clee Cons were able to seal a 5-3 win with final 2-0s from Lee Pawson and Ryan Knox.
Clee Conmen went 2-0 up away at Clee Bowls Police through Scott Ayres only for the Police to level through Shaun Cook.  After drawing the next game, Clee Conmen picked up the 5-3 win with Clee Bowls unable to field a fourth player.
Ray Edmonds N went 4-0 up away at Mirka with Mick Reed and Colin Graby both winning 2-0.  Rod Elliot made it 5-1 drawing with Mirka’s  Graham Shackleton.  But five points was the lot for Ray Edmonds as Mark Stevens made it 5-3 taking the last two frames.

Section B

2-0s from Steve Miles and Richard Parkin and singles from Danny Chisnall and Pete Chisnall, against John Cook and Phil Maddin, gave Hainton Hornets a 6-2 win away at Birds Eye Rockets.
Clee Home Guard Hotshots also picked up a 6-2 win, at home to Cabbies, with Barry Jebson, Lee Rattenbury and Karl Meredith picking up the first six frames without reply.  Mick Newham stopped the rot winning the last two frames for the Cabbies.
Laceby Legion won the first six frames at home to Jubilee Rangers with Tom Olivant, Graeme Patterson and Jay Cowan all winning 2-0.  A final 2-0 from Tom Keeley saved the Rangers from a whitewash.
Clee Bowl C 100% record looked in danger at home to Ray Edmonds G, when the Edmonds team went 3-1 up with a single from Dave Jones, against Rick Kirk, and a 2-0 from Aaron Bell.  Clee Bowls were able to fight back and 2-0s from Rick Bass and Shaun Wilkin gave them a 5-3 win and keep the record intact.
Opening and closing 2-0 wins for Richard Caunt and Matt Jones, and a single from David Taylor against Mick George, gave Rays Rockaz a 5-3 win at home to Cue World B.  Guy Brunt picking up a 2-0 win for Cue World.
A final 2-0 from Craig Taylor proved to be the difference to give Debbies Diamonds a 5-3 win away at Cromwell Car Care, after the opening matches were all drawn.
Clee Bowls Y went into a 7-0 lead away at Cue World Mariners with C Allerston, O. Ellis and Garry White all winning 2-0 and a single from Ben Nutting.  Bill Freestone managed to get the last frame for the Mariners and save the slam.
Clee Cons Mints battled out a draw against Westands at the Clee Cons Club.  An opening 2-0 from Cons Ash Goring was cancelled out by a closing 2-0 from Wesltands John Turner, with the remaining games being drawn.

Just a small reminder about postponements.  ALL postponements must be requested by emailing in the first instance at least 72 hours before the match.  Matches requiring postponement after this time will require exceptional circumstances.  Both captains are responsible for getting the game played as soon as feasibly possible.
Any postponements must be played within three weeks of the original game.
There will be NO postponements in the last two weeks of the league.

Any postponed matches in the first half need to be played now as soon as possible.  If these have not been played by the time the Christmas break is over then the league will make a decision on awarding points.


Premier Section Results

Willows Sea Foods5v3Haslams Plumbing
Cromwell Rat Pack5v3T.R. Carpets B
Bye_vClee Cons Slotters
Westlands BLvLF1 GRP Systems
West End DPvPBlossom Way A
T.R. Carpets APvPGSN Westlands
Fardel Shipping5v3Cue World A
ByevCromwell A

Section A Results

Ray Edmonds S2v6Rapide Frames
Nats B6v2Healing Legion
Clee Bowls Police3v5Clee ConMen
Hainton B7v1Carr Lane E
Blossom Way Aces8v0West End C
Mirka3v5Ray Edmonds N
Clee Cons C5v3Nats C

Section B Results

Cue World Mariners1v7Clee Bowls Y
Cromwell Car Care3v5Debbies Diamonds
Clee Bowls C5v3Ray Edmonds G
Laceby Legion6v2Jubilee Rangers
Rays Rockaz5v3Cue World B
Birds Eye Rockets2v6Hainton Hornets
Clee Home Guard Hotshots6v2Cabbies
Cons Mints4v4Westlands A


Singles Breaks

Jamie Green80 38
Jamie Barrett68 31
Phil Robinson67 48 31
Stu Swinburn61 35
Mick Ponsonby54
Brett Cattell53
Brad Burrell46
Scott Ayres45
Brad Mowforth44 37
Gary Challis42 34
Sean Carlile40
Dave Bass38
Nigel Emmerson38
Martin Dowling37
Mark Stevens36
Ash Goring34 31

Premier Section Table

Fardel Shipping11100168
Cue World A1062248
Clee Cons Slotters1071245
T.R. Carpets B953144
Willows Sea Foods1053242
Cromwell Rat Pack1052341
T.R. Carpets A1032538
Blossom Way A933334
Haslams Plumbing1016334
Cromwell A1004634
GSN Westlands915333
F1 GRP Systems913529
Westlands B902725
West End D812522

Section A Table

Blossom Way Aces1171355
Clee ConMen1071253
Hainton B1162351
Clee Cons C1062245
Ray Edmonds S1152442
Ray Edmonds N1051442
Clee Bowls Police1042441
Rapide Frames1042440
Nats C1033438
Nats B942337
Healing Legion1032537
Carr Lane E1022632
West End C10001018

Section B Table

Clee Bowls C12120074
Cons Mints1264260
Clee Home Guard Hotshots1262456
Laceby Legion1254355
Hainton Hornets1263354
Clee Bowls Y1254353
Cromwell Car Care1261552
Cue World B1237252
Debbies Diamonds1271451
Ray Edmonds G1145251
Rays Rockaz1142544
Westlands A1233642
Birds Eye Rockets1216542
Jubilee Rangers1224638
Cue World Mariners12011111