Monday Singles

TR Carpets Grimsby and District Snooker League

Singles Report


Slightly different report this week as it’s the last one of the season so instead of the usual match rundown we’ll have a summary of the final tables.

Premier Section

In the Premier Section of the of the TR Carpets Grimsby Snooker Singles League there was nothing stopping Fardel from completing an unbeaten run to the league title.  A perfect record of 24 matches played and no draws or defeats.  Also Jamie Green, of Fardel, took the highest break with a fine 132 in his haul of 14 50+ breaks just in singles competition.

Clee Cons Slotters pushed Fardel for most of the season, their only two losses being those to the champions.  The gap to the eventual winners being closer than the previous season.

Blossom Way Aces finished a creditable third place in their first season in the top league, finishing higher than some of the more established teams in the league.

The mid table was very closely contested, as per usual, with a lot of the teams capable of all taking points from each other.

At the bottom end of the table Hainton and West End D were detached from the rest of the field and will be in Section A next season.

In total we had 96 50+ breaks this season with three players scoring centuries, the previously mentioned Jamie Green, Darren Evans (with 123) and Nigel Emmerson (with 119).

Section A

Some good results at the start of the season mainly helped Clee Cons C to the Section A title, which once they took the top spot proved very difficult to catch. 

The only question remaining this week was who was going up to the Premier Section with them as at one point in the season 9 teams were in with a shout.

In the end it came down to Ray Edmonds S and Clee Conmen, who were separated by a point in second and third.  Ray Edmonds S struggled to a draw at home to Rapide Frames, but at Clee Cons the Conmen could only get a draw at home to Ray Edmonds G. 

Therefore congratulations to Ray Edmonds S who take second place and Clee Conmen will also be playing in the Premier Section next season after finishing third.

As previously stated any one of the teams below could have taken second as only 18 points separated 2nd and 12th.  Most of the scores this season in Section A have been 5-3s and 4-4s which just goes to show the competitiveness of Section A.

At the bottom of the table Healing Legion A and previously promoted Clee Bowls C finished as the bottom two and will be playing in Section B next season.

Section B

In Section B the battle for the title went down to the penultimate week of the season between champions Clee Cons Mints and runners up Clee Home Guard Hotshots.  Both teams have been really consistent all season, both winning over 20 matches in what can be an unpredictable league at times.
Joining them in Section A next season will be Cue World B who finished third.  Although only losing three games all season, possibly too many draws kept them just out of the top two.  Also a mention to Jack Stewart who got the highest break in Section B of 51 (the only 50+ break in Section B).

Also a special mention to Cue World Mariners who got their first win this season, and looking at the number of points scored are showing improvement from their first year in the league.

Wilton Fields also joined the league this year and have probably found out have competitive the league can be, but they did pick up some wins over the season.


All that’s left from me is to thank everyone for participating this season and hope to see you all back in September and also a couple of final notes.

Firstly, anyone I have as a team contact (from sending sheets in) will be receiving an email with a registration form for next season.  It is really important I get a reply back as soon as possible so we can get the structure of the league arranged well before the AGM.

Also all the winners and runners up need to be represented at the presentation on 8th June 2024 at Clee Cons (7:30pm) to receive their trophies.  Tickets are only £5 and available from the Ray Edmonds Club.

Finally the AGM will be held at the Clee Bowls Club on 5th June 2024 at 7:30pm.
Any rules changes need to be sent to by 15th May 2024 and the proposer and seconder must be at the meeting to present the rule change (otherwise it will not be discussed).



Premier Section Results

Bye__vBlossom Way Aces
Clee Cons Slotters6v2F1 GRP Systems
Cromwell Rat Pack8v0West End D
ByevGSN Westlands
Westlands B3v5Willows Sea Foods
Bye_vCromwell A
T.R. Carpets A7v1Hainton B
Blossom Way A0v8Fardel Shipping

Section A Results

Ray Edmonds S4v4Rapide Frames
Clee ConMen4v4Ray Edmonds G
Nats BvBye_
Healing Legion A4v4Carr Lane E
Mirka5v3Healing Legion B
Clee Bowls C2v6BH BodyArt
ByevClee Cons C
Clee Bowls Police4v4Ray Edmonds N

Section B Results

Birds Eye Rockets2v6Cue World B
Hainton Hornets5v3Laceby Legion
Cromwell Car Care3v5Clee Bowls Y
Cabbies3v5Debbies Diamonds
Wilton Fields1v7Clee Home Guard Hotshots
West End C8v0Westlands A
Rays Rockaz1v7Cons Mints
Cue World MarinersvBye


Singles Breaks

Jon Steel56
Luke Maddison37
Mark Stevens36
Stu Swinburn36
Mike Gibney34
Abs Momin31

Premier Section Table

Fardel Shipping242400156
Clee Cons Slotters241932137
Blossom Way Aces241455115
Cromwell Rat Pack241356110
GSN Westlands24107798
Willows Sea Foods2496998
Blossom Way A24861096
Cromwell A24841293
F1 GRP Systems24731489
T.R. Carpets A24921388
Westlands B24751287
Hainton B24341762
West End D24002419

Section A Table

Clee Cons C261835126
Ray Edmonds S261475116
Clee ConMen261178115
BH BodyArt268144111
Nats B261439109
Healing Legion B269611107
Ray Edmonds G269107105
Clee Bowls Police269512104
Rapide Frames26971098
Ray Edmonds N26961198
Carr Lane E26671398
Healing Legion A26471585
Clee Bowls C26341977

Section B Table

Cons Mints282521162
Clee Home Guard Hotshots282143153
Cue World B2815103142
Clee Bowls Y281567132
Hainton Hornets281387128
Rays Rockaz281558125
Birds Eye Rockets2813510115
Debbies Diamonds2812214111
West End C289712111
Laceby Legion286715102
Cromwell Car Care28771496
Westlands A28931694
Wilton Fields28522169
Cue World Mariners28152262