Monday Singles

TR Carpets Grimsby and District Snooker League

Singles Report
25th September 2023

Just a reminder to all players that entries for the snooker knockouts can be made at the Ray Edmonds Snooker Centre (or contacting Nigel Emmerson) for the following competitions:
Frank Templeman Senior Snooker Singles
Harry Stone Junior Singles Snooker Singles (not to be confused with the under 18s tournament)
Bascombe Cup Snooker Singles (played off handicap)
Grimsby Pairs Snooker Doubles
Entries are £5 per player with draws to be made early October so get your entries in quick.

Also could I remind ALL trophy winners from last year to return their trophies to the Ray Edmonds Snooker Club over the next two weeks.  We would like to get all the trophies cleaned up and ready for next year in plenty of time so your help in this is greatly appreciated.

Premier Section

Predictably Fardel were the first team to inflict an 8-0 victory of the Premier Section with a whitewash away at Westlands B.  Lee Blanchard, Daz Evans, Jamie Green and Mick Ponsonby all winning 2-0 for Fardel’s first slam of the season.
Willows Seafoods ran into a 3-1 lead away at Clee Cons Slotters with a single from Ryan Milson, against Paul Beasley, and a 2-0 win from Cameron Dunlop.  However, the Slotters ran out the next four frames for a 5-3 win, Jon Steel and Scott Gibbins picking up the 2-0 wins.
2-0 wins for Matty Lawton and Ian Taylor with a single from Pete East, against Brad Burrell, gave Cromwell A a 5-3 win “away” at Cromwell Rat Pack.  Sean Carlile picked up the last two of the night for the Rat Packers.
Blossom Way A picked up a 5-3 win away at F1 Grp thanks to 2-0 wins from Ian Hogarth and Steve Neul and single from C. Shaw (I think – the scoresheet was all over the place).  Chris Scott did pull the last two frames back for F1 Grp.


Section A

The biggest win in Section A came at Healing Legion A where Clee Cons C came out 7-1 victors.  Tom Keeley, Chris Farrow and Liam Hulse all won 2-0 for Clee Cons, with the only frame for Healing coming from John Horne against Lee Pawson.
2-0 wins for James Reynolds and Scott Ayres helped Clee Conmen to a 6-2 win at home to Healing Legion B.  The other two games ending in draws.
Nats B opened up with five frames at home to BH Bodyart with 2-0s coming from Steve Fisher and Dan Hargrave with a single from Keith Board.  BH Body Art got the final three though through a single from Shane Newbold and two from Danny Reynolds.  Final result 5-3 to Nats.
An opening 2-0 from Mark Rimmer proved to be the difference for Mirka as they won 5-3 at home to Ray Edmonds D.  The remaining games all being drawn.
Ray Edmonds G fought out a 4-4 draw at home to Clee Bowls Police.  Clee Bowls went into an early 3-1 lead thanks to a 2-0 from J P Teanby, but a 2-0 from Blake Munton helped give Ray Edmonds a share of the points.
Rays Edmonds S shared the same scoreline at home to Carr Lane E.  Carr Lane going into a 3-1 lead with a 2-0 win from Mick Casey, but a final 2-0 from Mick Forward helped seal the draw.

Section B

The first 8-0 of Section B came courtesy of Clee Home Guard Hotshots, who were away at Hainton Hornets.  Robin Surfleet, Kris Hall, Lee Rattenbury and Rob Hewitt all won 2-0 to take the sting out of the Hornets night.
And like buses two in the same week.  Also winning 8-0 were Laceby Legion at home to Cue World Mariners.  Lee Leggett, Tom Olivant, George Davis and Louis Hutton all won 2-0 for the Laceby side.
Cons Mints were close to a slam away at Cabbies.  Ryan Johnstone won the opening frame for Cons before Trev Thompson drew the match level.  But 2-0 wins for Steve Metcalf, Mike Pitts and Pete Grant were enough to give Cons Mints a 7-1 win.
Westlands B won the opening two frames of the night, through Nigel Mumby.  But 2-0s from Pete Keeble and Clive Brummit, with a single from Paul Stead against Dave Tomlinson, gave Cromwell Car Care a 5-3 home win.
Rays Rockaz had a 5-3 win away at West End C with 2-0 wins from Richard Caunt and Matt Jones with a single from David Taylor, against Kev Ferguson.  Paul Dixon did pull a couple of frames back for West End.
Opening 2-0 wins for John Stevens and Chris Gilliatt, followed by a single from Craig Taylor against Daz Till, gave Debbies Diamonds a 5-3 win away at Birds Eye Rockets.  Adam Board won the final two frames for Birds Eye,
Cue World B hosted Clee Bowls Y and had a friendly 4-4 draw with each pairing winning and losing a frame.


Please could I remind ALL teams to get your results sheets in by Wednesday, but the earlier the better.  If the results are in straight after the match then the report can start to be compiled the next day.  The first week of the season the report could be written on Tuesday as all of the results were in.  But it is slowly getting later and later.  If teams continue to send sheets in late then points will be docked from their total.

I would like to also remind all teams that a copy of the rules is now available on the website (under the Resources page) and also point out the postponement rule.
Matches are to be only postponed under exceptional circumstances.  This means that if you can put a team out, irrespective of numbers of players, you are expected to do so.  A lot of hard work, voluntary I might add, goes into arranging the league and knockouts, and compiling the reports and fixtures so that the players in the league can pursue their hobby in a competitive, friendly environment.  All that is asked is that captains of each team ensure that they have a team of players ready to play on a Monday night.
A lot of teams have players that already play in other snooker and billiards competitions so, therefore, re-arranging games can prove to be difficult.  This is why it is important to only re-arrange when absolutely necessary.

The rules are in place to help ensure the smooth running of the league.  If anyone would like changes to those rules then they are to be made in writing and to be presented at the AGM – which is always the first Wednesday in June.


Premier Section Results

Blossom Way AcesPvPWest End D
Bye__vGSN Westlands
Clee Cons Slotters5v3Willows Sea Foods
Cromwell Rat Pack3v5Cromwell A
ByevHainton B
Westlands B0v8Fardel Shipping
Bye_vT.R. Carpets A
F1 GRP Systems3v5Blossom Way A

Section A Results

Rapide FramesvBye_
Ray Edmonds S4v4Carr Lane E
Clee ConMen6v2Healing Legion B
Nats B5v3BH BodyArt
Healing Legion A1v7Clee Cons C
Mirka5v3Ray Edmonds N
Clee Bowls CvBye
Ray Edmonds G4v4Clee Bowls Police

Section B Results

Cue World B4v4Clee Bowls Y
Birds Eye Rockets3v5Debbies Diamonds
Hainton Hornets0v8Clee Home Guard Hotshots
Cromwell Car Care5v3Westlands A
Cabbies1v7Cons Mints
Wilton FieldsvBye
West End C3v5Rays Rockaz
Laceby Legion8v0Cue World Mariners


Singles Breaks

Jamie Green60
Mick Ponsonby58 33 30
Jon Steel48 36 30
Steve Neul43
Scott Gibbins37
Danny Reynolds36
Dan Webster36
Mark Stevens35
Brad Burrell32
Ian Taylor32
Scott Ayres32
Matty Lawton30

Premier Section Table

Clee Cons Slotters330017
Fardel Shipping220014
Blossom Way A320114
Blossom Way Aces220011
Cromwell Rat Pack302111
Cromwell A220010
Westlands B31029
Willows Sea Foods20117
GSN Westlands20116
F1 GRP Systems20026
T.R. Carpets A20023
Hainton B10012
West End D10012

Section A Table

Clee Cons C321017
BH BodyArt311113
Clee ConMen220012
Nats B320112
Ray Edmonds G311112
Healing Legion A311111
Healing Legion B310210
Ray Edmonds S21109
Carr Lane E30129
Ray Edmonds N21018
Clee Bowls Police20208
Rapide Frames20117
Clee Bowls C20025

Section B Table

Clee Home Guard Hotshots330020
Cons Mints320117
Cue World B312015
Debbies Diamonds320114
Laceby Legion311114
Clee Bowls Y312013
Rays Rockaz220012
Birds Eye Rockets310212
Hainton Hornets31119
Westlands A21019
West End C21018
Cromwell Car Care31028
Cue World Mariners30032
Wilton Fields10011