Monday Singles

TR Carpets Grimsby and District Snooker League

Singles Report


Premier Section

Pete East got the opening frame for Cromwell A away at Clee Cons Slotters but that was their lot.  Jon Steel picked up the next frame and then 2-0s for James Reynolds, Paul Beasley and Scott Gibbins gave the Slotters a 7-1 win.
Fardel continue to top the table with a 6-2 win away at Willows Seafoods.  Final 2-0s from Jamie Green and Nigel Emmerson providing the win after the first four frames were shared.
In the race for second place in the Premier Section TR Carpets B managed to get the better of Cue World A at home by a 5-3 margin.  A final 2-0 from Dan Mumby was the difference maker in a closely contested game.
Opening and closing 2-0 wins for Daz Potter and Tony Miller were enough to give F1 GRP a 6-2 win at home to Blossom Way.
Haslams Plumbing went into a 3-1 lead at home to GSN Westlands with a 2-0 from Michael Dent and a single from Macca Dutton, against Graham Thomas.  But 2-0 wins for Ant Jagger and Tom Steer turned things around and gave GSN a 5-3 win.
An opening 2-0 for Westlands’ Pete Smith was cancelled out by a final 2-0 from TR Carpets A’s Ian Crosby as both sides drew at the Westlands Club.
The Cromwell derby was delayed from last week to this week and it was honours even.  Cromwell Rat Pack went into a 4-0 lead with Brad Burrell and Dave Bass both winning 2-0.  But Cromwell A picked up the last four with Terry Burns and Pete East each getting a 2-0.

Section A

Clee Conmen picked up a 5-3 win at home to Nats C, with a 2-0 from Dan Webster being the difference between the two sides.
A single 2-0 from Gaz Dannatt also proved to be the difference for Ray Edmonds S as they beat Mirka 5-3 at the Edmonds club.
2-0 wins for Darren Stansfield and Brad Mowforth, with a single from Kris Hall against Shaun Cook, gave Blossom Way Aces a 5-3 win at home to Clee Bowls Police.  Getting a couple for Clee Bowls was Pete Mitchell.
Clee Cons C also picked up a 5-3 away at Nats B.  Chris Farrow and Jase Reynolds picked up 2-0 wins for Cons, followed by a single from Paul Lidgard against Wayne Webber.  Unfortunately Cons couldn’t get a fourth player so forfeited the last two points.
An opening 2-0 for Healing Legion for Roy Wilson was immediately cancelled out by Ray Edmonds N’s Anthony Hepton, as both teams ended with a draw at the Healing Legion.
Biggest winners in Section A were Carr Lane with a 7-1 at home to West End C.  Stu Sadler, Mick Casey and Joe Goodfellow all picked up 2-0 wins, with a single from Brian Ryley against slam saver Kev Ferguson.

Section B

Clee Bowls C picked up another big 7-1 win this week away at Rays Rockaz.  Rick Kirk, Rick Bass, and Shaun Wilkin all scored 2-0 wins, with a single from Andre Desertiaux making it 7.  Only Rick Francis managed a frame for the Rockaz.
2-0 wins for Andy Davenport and David Jones (with his second 50 of the season) gave Ray Edmonds G a 6-2 win at home to Westlands.
Hainton Hornets also picked up a 6-2 win away from home at Clee Bowls Y.  2-0 wins for Steve Miles and Pete Chisnall with a couple of draws giving Hainton the result.
Jubilee Rangers were another 6-2 winner at home to Cue World B.  Gaz Camburn, Terry Kerley and Stu Kilner all won 2-0 for the Rangers and (I think although the scoresheet is unclear) Mick George got two back for Cue World.
Clee Home Guard Hotshots picked up all eight points away at Cue World Mariners.  Baz Jebson, Karl Meredith, Rob Hewitt and Lee Rattenbury all winning 2-0.
2-0 wins for Lee Leggett and Matty Baker plus a single from Clive Brummitt against Mike Pitts gave Cromwell Car Care a 5-3 win at home to Cons Mints.  Getting the 2-0 for Cons was Ryan Johnstone.
Laceby Legion had the same 5-3 result at home to Birds Eye Rockets.  Geoff Davis and Louis Hutton opened and closed with 2-0 wins and Tom Olivant got a single against Phillip Maddin.  Darren Till did pull back a couple for Birds Eye.
With the opening game being drawn, Debbies Diamonds went into a 3-1 lead at home to Cabbies, with John Stevens scoring a 2-0.  Mick Thomas levelled the match for Cabbies and the match ended level after the final game was drawn as well.

Just a small reminder about postponements. ALL postponements must be requested by emailing in the first instance at least 72 hours before the match. Matches requiring postponement after this time will require exceptional circumstances. Both captains are responsible for getting the game played as soon as feasibly possible.
Any postponements must be played within three weeks of the original game.
There will be NO postponements in the last two weeks of the league


Premier Section Results

Haslams Plumbing3v5GSN Westlands
T.R. Carpets B5v3Cue World A
Clee Cons Slotters7v1Cromwell A
Cromwell Rat PackvBye
Willows Sea Foods2v6Fardel Shipping
Westlands B4v4T.R. Carpets A
West End DvBye_
F1 GRP Systems6v2Blossom Way A

Section A Results

Rapide FramesvBye_
Healing Legion4v4Ray Edmonds N
Clee ConMen5v3Nats C
Nats B3v5Clee Cons C
Ray Edmonds S5v3Mirka
Hainton BvBye
Blossom Way Aces5v3Clee Bowls Police
Carr Lane E7v1West End C

Section B Results

Clee Bowls Y2v6Hainton Hornets
Debbies Diamonds4v4Cabbies
Ray Edmonds G6v2Westlands A
Cromwell Car Care5v3Cons Mints
Cue World Mariners0v8Clee Home Guard Hotshots
Laceby Legion5v3Birds Eye Rockets
Rays Rockaz1v7Clee Bowls C
Jubilee Rangers6v2Cue World B


Singles Breaks

Luke Maddison76
Nigel Emmerson59
Scott Gibbins57 36
James Richardson51
David Jones50
Paul Metcalf48
Scott Templeman48
Tim Gillin48
Pete Smith47
Ian Crosby40
Matty Lawton40
Steve Neul38
Paul Beasley36
Jamal Uddin33
Liam Hulse33
James Reynolds32
Mark Stevens32
Mike Gibney32
Pete East32
Keith Soutwell31
Lee Leggett31
Mick Webber30

Premier Section Table

Fardel Shipping161501100
Cue World A17113389
T.R. Carpets B17114285
Clee Cons Slotters1794476
Cromwell Rat Pack1673664
F1 GRP Systems1656563
GSN Westlands1638561
Willows Sea Foods1574460
Cromwell A1726959
Blossom Way A1653857
T.R. Carpets A1635856
Haslams Plumbing1626847
Westlands B15141043
West End D1414937

Section A Table

Clee ConMen16111479
Blossom Way Aces16102478
Hainton B1692576
Ray Edmonds S1793573
Clee Cons C1785473
Rapide Frames1682669
Ray Edmonds N1773769
Nats B1675468
Healing Legion1664666
Clee Bowls Police1664666
Nats C1744960
Carr Lane E17431057
West End C17001726

Section B Table

Clee Bowls C191900114
Ray Edmonds G191252100
Clee Home Guard Hotshots19113592
Cons Mints1986592
Laceby Legion19105490
Hainton Hornets19104589
Cromwell Car Care1994683
Clee Bowls Y1967679
Cue World B1949676
Debbies Diamonds1984774
Birds Eye Rockets1947871
Rays Rockaz19451066
Westlands A19451065
Jubilee Rangers1946963
Cue World Mariners19011815